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Wind turbine technician

Are you interested in fulfilling one of the wind turbine technician jobs? A wind turbine technician is responsible for the service, maintenance, and repairs of our clients’ wind turbines. You will write technical reports about its service, research, and security whilst ensuring the wind turbine functions as it is supposed to. The responsibilities of a wind turbine technician vary between electrotechnical and mechanical work, conducted according to the relevant safety regulations.  

What are the advantages of filling one of the wind turbine technician jobs at Oceanwide?

When working at Oceanwide, you enjoy optimal flexibility thanks to our large international client base. We are active on a global basis, which makes us a unique recruitment agency in Maritime and Offshore/Energy industries. When working one of the jobs for one of our clients, count on a competitive salary and benefits package as a wind turbine technician or any of the other Maritime vacancies that are available. Other advantages of working for Oceanwide are:

  • A variety in employment contracts and flexible duration of the contracts, such as a choice between short-term and long-term contracts
  • Large global client base to work on all your training and development
  • Freedom of choice in deciding on a working location

Submit your application now

If you would like to apply as a wind turbine technician or any of the other offshore wind farm jobs, make sure to submit your application. If your profile matches the criteria of our client, subsequent steps such as an interview or assessment will be planned.