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At Oceanwide, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (Q-HSE) is an important part of our culture. Our certification and audit participation ensure that our recruitment and operational procedures comply with the latest international standards and are in line with our clients requirements.

With our vast experience in the maritime and offshore industries, our employees and staff are instructed to follow the strict procedures set by the industries they work in and the best HSE practices of our clients. We believe that the goal of zero incidents is achievable by continuous improvement based on input from audits and customer satisfaction data and by developing and maintaining management systems that allow us to control and minimize risk.

Office Certification

Maritime offices are certified by DNV according their standard IMO / CMO 24.04 part 2 for private Recruitment and Placement Services and the requirement in MLC (Maritime Labor Convention 2006 part 1.4).

Offshore offices are Intertek certified according ISO 9001:2008, VCU (safety checklist), FPAL registered and Connexio acrredited.

Netherlands offices are NEN-4400 certified.