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Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) Electrical Manager

Region: Offshore

Sector: Wind Energy, Wind Energy

Function description maritime vacancy Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) Electrical Manager

Overall role: Responsible for the electrical part of the WTG supply

Responsibilities and Tasks:

Ensure that the project is on time and that deliveries and quality are within the scope

  • Agree scope of work and responsibilities within the project
  • Prepare WTG Employer's Requirements for ITT and contract (TSA)
  • Plan and execute peer reviews according to applicable guidelines
  • Evaluate tenders and provide support for clarification meetings with WTG suppliers
  • Prepare, update and archive WTG technical and commercial documentation related to the scope
  • Follow up on progress and results from WTG suppliers in a timely manner so that any challenges can be tackled in due time
  • Ensure QC of deliveries including being responsible for all FATs, FAIs and SATs of WTG components
  • Head technical part of marking concept for navigational and aviation safety and contribute to approval of implementation plan with Environmental and Licensing and WTG supplier.

Comply with clients guidelines and standards in work as well as local requirements

  • Identify WTG interfaces and handle them in cooperation with the project team, particularly with Electrical and Foundation package
  • Prepare documents and perform QA by signing in 'prepared'
  • Review documents and perform QA by signing in 'accepted' when relevant in the project
  • Provide the necessary information for other deliveries
  • Provide input to various reports and controlling as required  by WTG Project Manager
  • Take proactive actions to reduce safety risks

Participate in project team meetings and cross discipline corporation

  • Understand and manage WTG interfaces for the electrical works towards other project packages as well as towards WTG suppliers
  • Head technical part of WTG procurement process and participate in commercial negotiations together with WTG Project Manager and procurement responsible
  • Head project meetings with WTG suppliers within the scope
  • Contribute actively to evaluation of the project and capture lessons learnt throughout  the project

Ensure that technical departments best practices are implemented

  • Contribute to planning of site supervision and commissioning organisation (factory, preassembly, offshore)
  • Support WTG commissioning and supervision staff with engineering inputs (factory, preassembly, offshore)

Key decision powers:

Can recommend technical solutions, quality level and split of supply contracts within the defined scopeCan negotiate WTG Employer's Requirements and contracts, including variation orders, within the defined scopeCan recommend WTG-related project changes (time, economy, quality) to the project managementCan agree WTG interface management actions with related supplies

Function demands maritime vacancy Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) Electrical Manager


BSc or MSc in Electrical EngineeringRecommended 2-3 years of practical and theoretical experience of electrical components and concepts in WTGsRecommended 2-3 years of skills of a good project engineer (integrity, overview, teamwork and planning)Recommended 2-3 years of experience in project matrix organisation

Company description

Maritime & Offshore Manpower Services

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Mevrouw Sarah van Rietschoten
Contact company:
Oceanwide Offshore Services
Phone number:
Luchthavenweg 6I
1786 PP
Den Helder
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