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Region: Den Haag

Sector: Oil & Gas, Construction

Function description maritime vacancy Surveyor

To support all new-build related tasks (platforms, subsea and pipelines) for survey-related items, ensuring inspections of pipe- lines are carried out and that the preparation of drill rigs/rig moves and pipeline laying is carried out, such that the tasks can be performed safely and on time and that they meet the prescriptions (including government regulations) in place.

Main duties

  • arranging all necessary survey- and positioning-related tasks
  • carrying out surveys (ROV, SSS, Soils, route surveys, debris surveys, pre-rock dumping surveys etc)
  • determining the positioning of platforms, subsea infrastructure and pipelines
  • ensuring the correct location is ascertained at sea, using appropriate vessels and equipment to meet the desired standard and specification
  • supporting project related survey and soils work including soils engineering (subcontracted), soils surveys (for projects and drilling as requested), trenching, ROV surveys, ROV specifications
  • ensuring that pipeline inspection surveys are carried out in accordance with the schedule and legal requirements/prescriptions in place
  • arranging the visual and acoustic inspection of pipelines; giving the work order to contractors
  • providing guidance as the works are being carried out (visually on location and remotely)
  • monitoring progress
  • flagging up and resolving any discrepancies/anomalies to the pipeline engineers analyzing data gathered and ensuring it is in the correct format for the pipeline engineers to perform their analysis
  • reporting findings, stating the nature and level of serious-ness; explaining and discussing them with the pipeline engineers and the IRM manager (whom in turn will notify the asset)
  • ensuring that the works are carried out within the context of the required actions/measures; informing public bodies (e.g. Coastguard) and supervising safety measures (buoys, etc.)monitoring and guiding the works
  • testing the conformity of works carried out to the criteria set; having any discrepancies resolved
  • keeping abreast of legislation and regulations regarding pipeline management, in collaboration with pipeline integrity management
  • keeping up contacts with government bodies regarding legislation and regulations
  • preparing in conjunction with the pipeline engineers and the asset the rock dumping campaigns (ad-hoc and planned)
  • will actively look at synergies between countries for all yearly survey related activities, particularly soil sampling and rock dumping
  • will ensure that all quality of survey data is in accordance with contractual requirements. Any anomalies will be flagged and discussed with the IRM manager
  • will be responsible for developing and maintaining all survey standards including survey types, specifications, soils sampling standards and procedures, rock dumping procedures
  • may be required to go offshore to ensure data set retrieved is in accordance with requirements, or ensure that the right level of company representation is offshore
  • responsible for ensuring risk assessments are in place for all scopes and have been attended and approved by all the appropriate parties

Function demands maritime vacancy Surveyor


  • good communication skills
  • mechanical engineering or marine engineering degree with at least 10 years’ relevant work experience
  • fluent in English
  • experience as a surveyor in an operational capacity is a necessity
  • occasional travel may be required. Offshore trips will be required, so person will have to have all offshore training and survival certification
  • excellent working knowledge of the English language, both written and verbal; Dutch is a plus

Company description

Maritime & Offshore Manpower Services

Working conditions maritime vacancy Surveyor

We offer a fulltime contracting position in an interesting and challenging environment. 

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Mevrouw Kristy Meissner
Contact company:
Oceanwide Offshore Services
Phone number:
+31(0)223 671727
Luchthavenweg 6i
Den Helder
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