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Structural Engineer

Region: Den Helder

Sector: Oil & Gas, Office

Function description maritime vacancy Structural Engineer

• Receiving information regarding current and new projects from the Lead Maintenance and/or Maintenance and Integrity Manager

• Developing and elaborating ideas regarding the approach and execution in design and outsourcing engineering works in consultation with supervisor and/or client

• Drawing up schedules and budgeting

• Studying and discussing the programme of requirements and third-party specifications, based on structural requirements and legislation and regulation

• Making calculations and analyses (including on strength), or having them made, regarding platforms, foundations, bearing capacity, etc.; specifying the requirements

• Supervising outsourced (engineering) work, identifying deviations and anomalies and finding solutions

• Evaluating drawings, specifications, calculations and procedures related to docks for the purposes of load-out and sea fastening for transportations. Advising on improvements thereto

• Ensuring the flow of information to the installation contractor; supplying and explaining the data

• Evaluating the installation contractor’s drawings, specifications, calculations and procedures to ensure they meet the requirements set and safety needs

• Explaining drawings, specifications, calculations and procedures to the warranty surveyor; answering queries. Ensuring the warranty surveyor can approve installation works

• Maintaining oversight of the offshore installation works at platforms/constructions. Flagging up any discrepancies/anomalies; finding a solution

• Ensuring the certification by government bodies of platforms or constructions installed

• Evaluating the proposed changes in construction terms; indicating any amendments that are needed

• Advising the supervisor and the user organisation regarding new developments (and how to apply such)

• Following developments in the area of offshore platforms and constructions

• Analysing inspection reports, determining required actions and ensuring prompt follow-up

• Ensuring the recertification of existing platforms and constructions

• Evaluating the necessary modifications to platforms and constructions and giving notice of such; ensuring a structural solution. Evaluating the result of adaptations carried out, to ensure that they meet the aims set

• Analysing the process-technical prerequisites of new projects

• Evaluating the conceptual design for feasibility and achievability and its degree of satisfaction of legislation and regulations

• Offshore travels must be expected

Function demands maritime vacancy Structural Engineer

• Relevant BSc degree (mechanical and/or civil engineering)

• Typically a minimum of 5 year experience from a relevant field/ disciplines

• Requires deep knowledge of the specialist area, the E&P business and Oil & Gas industry



To work and communicate effectively with colleagues, partners and all other stakeholders. Respecting the knowledge and experience of others, sharing information and building effective relationships.


To strive for excellence, being energetic, resilient and passionate, taking personal responsibility for performance and delivering results

Problem Solving

Ability to analyse multiple sources of data, make connections & create high quality solutions, prioritising the key issues & consequences

Company description

Maritime & Offshore Manpower Services

Working conditions maritime vacancy Structural Engineer

• A stable & good remuneration and employment benefits

• A long term contract

• Further details will be discussed in a face-to-face interview

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Mevrouw K. Meissner
Contact company:
Oceanwide Offshore Services
Phone number:
+31(0)223 671727
Luchthavenweg 6i
Den Helder
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