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Senior Authorised Person (SAP)

Region: Offshore

Sector: Wind Energy

Function description maritime vacancy Senior Authorised Person (SAP)

Overall role: Responsible as senior authorised person (SAP) and deputy to the Site & Commissioning Manager


The primary function of a senior authorised person is to maintain the safety of persons working on or near a high-voltage electrical network-Coordinate with the site & commissioning manager to ensure that accurate updates are distributed to the project management-Hold/attend regular site meetings and telephone conversations to ensure efficient project management  Approve energisation -Manage and coordinate internal work groups and contractors  Ensure compliance with the project HSE rules and local legislation Oversee HV electrical installations to turbines, offshore substations and 132kV submarine cables as well as onshore cable systems and new onshore substation.Oversee safe construction of grid connections, onshore substations and associated HV plant and equipment. -Implement the high voltage safety rules-Outage management and network control-Carry out high voltage switching and isolations-Carry out earthing of high voltage plant and apparatus-Prepare, issue and cancel safety documents-Inspect, test and commission high voltage plant and apparatus-VLF testing of high voltage cables  Oversee all electrical activities for the purpose of safety, technical review, contractual compliance and operational/logistics duties-Identify and fit circuit designation labels and switch numbers-Prepare and check high voltage switching schedules-Fault management.-Participate in an out-of hours emergency response rotaContribute to proactive management, good coordination and communication between all parties and that the process works effectively -Collate site and network information to facilitate effective decision making within the department -Update HV schematic diagrams -Inspect work sites and perform site safety inspections -Check work permits -Implement and provide training programmes for manual and technical staff (CP, AP, etc) -Provide technical and engineering advice to working parties -Assist  O&M when required

Function demands maritime vacancy Senior Authorised Person (SAP)


  • Several years of commissioning experience within the field of high voltage electricity, offshore experience preferable
  • Electrical engineer or similar level

Company description

Maritime & Offshore Manpower Services

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Mevrouw Sarah van Rietschoten
Contact company:
Oceanwide Offshore Services
Phone number:
Luchthavenweg 6I
1786 PP
Den Helder
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