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Lead Project Engineer

Region: Den Helder

Sector: Oil & Gas, Production

Function description maritime vacancy Lead Project Engineer

As Lead Project Engineer your main task is ensuring the accomplishment of the works and installation of on- and offshore constructions. In such a manner that the works are carried on time and properly and meet the set requirements.

From this stage you will be responsible for:

• Ensuring safe and responsible production operations

• receiving, via the supervisor, commissions to begin new-build and renovation works for offshore constructions

• checking the commissioning information, detailed information and work drawings as supplied; chasing up any unclear aspects

• overseeing correct staffing including associated supervision

• checking whether the necessary materials, resources, components, etc. are ordered and/or on site, in collaboration with the purchasing department

• planning the performance of works, delivery schedules, etc.; requesting shutdown through production

• flagging up any discrepancies/anomalies in equipment/installations; advising the relevant engineer on necessary adaptations

• supervising outstanding work (on- and offshore); monitoring the progress of tasks

• guiding and/or taking measures where there are discrepancies

• evaluating any shortcomings (unforeseen situations, drawing or material problems), taking decisions and/or consulting with the engineers and/or purchasing department

  and reaching a solution, possibly in consultation with supervisor

• verifying the conformity of interim deliveries to the planning/agreements made

• supervising budget conformity, flagging up and explaining any discrepancies to manager

• ensuring safe performance of the works carried out, in conformity with agreements and plans made

• providing support during the start-up of installations/equipment; answering queries from the production department on how to work them; resolving problems

• analyzing the trajectory of completed construction works; comparing the drawings with the final result

• indicating and implementing optimization options, comparing the specifications with the final result, adapting/amending specifications for future projects

• indicating improvement options to supervisor

• providing leadership to staff and representing their needs

• allocating and scheduling job duties

• coaching, motivating and challenging staff

• conducting performance and appraisal interviews, including planning and conducting them, and following them up

Function demands maritime vacancy Lead Project Engineer

  • Intermediate vocational education in mechanical or electrical/instrumentation engineering
  • Extensive experience in project management and progressive leadership, with a minimum of 5 years
  • Relevant work experience may compensate for limited formal education
  • Offshore certifications (Nogepa 0.5) and valid offshore medical
  • Behavioural competencies required
  • Collaborative
  • To work and communicate effectively with colleagues, partners and all other stakeholders.
  • Respecting the knowledge and experience of others, sharing information and building effective relationships.
  • Drive
  • To strive for excellence, being energetic, resilient and passionate, taking personal responsibility for performance and delivering results.
  • Problem Solving
  • Ability to analyse multiple sources of data, make connections & create high quality solutions, prioritizing the key issues & consequences
  • Residence in the Netherlands
  • Sound knowledge of the Dutch language is a must.

Working conditions maritime vacancy Lead Project Engineer

• A stable & good remuneration and employment benefits
• A long term contract
• Further details will be discussed in a face-to-face interview

Company description

Oceanwide is an international provider of diversified on HR / Manpower services focused mainly on the Maritime and Offshore / Energy industries.

The history of Oceanwide dates back to 1976 when the first office was established in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Throughout the years, Oceanwide has been recognized as a worldwide supplier of qualified maritime and offshore personnel.

Oceanwide works out of two regions. In Europe, we have offices in the Netherlands, Vlissingen and Den Helder, Latvia, St. Petersburg and Cyprus and in the USA region we have offices in Houston, New Orleans and Ciudad del Carmen. We also have a number of owned branch and recruitment offices that support Oceanwide activities. With our offices and agent network, we are able to provide first class service to all of our clients.


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Mevrouw Kristy Meissner
Contact company:
Oceanwide Offshore Services
Phone number:
+31(0)223 671727
Luchthavenweg 6i
Den Helder
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