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Facilities Engineer E&I

Region: Hoofddorp

Sector: Office, Oil & Gas

Function description maritime vacancy Facilities Engineer E&I

As a Facilities Engineer ( E&I) you will initiates, supervises and coordinateschanges to existing installations; investigates, plans and prepares work programsfor proposed adjustments, in line with agreed annual plans and budgets; and inorder to meet production targets and minimize operating costs, be in compliancewith all governmental and company regulations and legislation, policies,procedures and standards, including HSEQ (ie HAZID/HAZOP’s, LOPA’s, etc.). Isresponsible for commissioning of modifications and document updating /as-building and project close-out.

  • Installation Modification Review 
    Participate in the Installation Modification Review Team andsupport the technical review of Installation Modification Proposals. Ensurecolleagues provide the right technical expertise and insight for making changesto existing installations and identify HSEQ and other operational implicationsof change. Filter, prioritize and assign responsibility of activities foragreed changes to, or maintenance of, production installations.

  • Investigation and Budget 
    Investigate and analyse different options for proposed changes,provide cost estimates and economic justification, in consultation withexperts. Recommend for approval the best alternative for proposed changes,ensuring that recommended actions do not compromise HSEQ legislation, policiesor procedures.

  •  External Parties
    Decide whether the expertise of external parties is needed todeliver the agreed programme of work. Identify, select and negotiate withexternal parties, in cooperation with CP&L, to obtain best terms andconditions and ensure awareness of and compliance with CEU NL HSEQ policies,procedures and standards. Maintain contact with Construction Coordinator tohand over of work programme, in order to ensure the availability of therequired level of expertise.}

  • Work Programmes
    Establish work programmes to hand over to the ConstructionCoordinator for execution. Provide detailed facility planning, preparetechnical documents and identify specifications and materials required forapproved projects/Installation Modifications, in cooperation with the  Construction Coordinator.

  • Engineering
    Perform engineering activities, provide technical and facilityengineering support to offshore manned and unmanned platforms, in accordancewith approved specifications, regulations and rules, in order to improve operabilityand maintainability. Ensure all facilities engineering work is conducted incompliance with all relevant governmental legislation and company policies,procedures and standards, including HSEQ.

  • Documentation
    Produce project engineering and planning documents for all the offshorefacilities, so that up to date documentation is on file and readily available.Managing project as-built documentation after close out of projects /modifications, in cooperation with document control. Responsible for commercialclose-out and lessons learned from project.

Function demands maritime vacancy Facilities Engineer E&I

  • Bachelor level in Electrical or  Instrumentation Engineering
  • Minimum of 3 years' experience in  offshore E&P industry
  • Broad experience in management of change and facility engineering
  • Dutch and English proficient
  • Good interpersonal, communication and influencing skills

Company description

Oceanwide is an international provider of diversified manpower and HR services focused mainly on the Maritime and Offshore / Energy industries.

The history of Oceanwide dates back to 1976 when the first office was established in Vlissingen, the Netherlands. Throughout the years, Oceanwide has been recognized as a worldwide supplier of qualified maritime and offshore personnel.

Oceanwide works out of two regions. In Europe, we have offices in the Netherlands, Vlissingen and Den Helder, Latvia, and Cyprus and in the USA region we have offices in Houston, New Orleans and Ciudad del Carmen. We also have a number of owned branch and recruitment offices that support Oceanwide activities. With our offices and agent network, we are able to provide first class service to all of our clients.

Our services include all steps of international manpower services specified for the dedicated business sector. See the services page for detailed information.

Maritime crew, offshore staff and technical personnel are trained and certified according to international standards such as ISO, CMO + MLC, IMCA, and STCW

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Scott Hordijk
Contact company:
Oceanwide Offshore Services B.V.
Phone number:
+31(0)223 671712
Luchthavenweg 6i
Den Helder
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