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Working for Oceanwide

Oceanwide offers challenging positions within the Maritime, Offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind Energy or Onshore related sectors. Working for Oceanwide means optimal flexibility due to a large international client base. With offices based in the Netherlands and the USA, we offer recruitment services for interesting projects all over the world. Through our extensive network of maritime employers, we have a large selection of maritime jobs available.

Advantages of working for Oceanwide include:

  • choice of working location
  • freedom to choose from several vessels or platforms
  • flexible duration of employment contract
  • large global client base
  • various employment contracts including short, temporary and permanent.

Oceanwide offers a competitive salary and benefits package. Continual career progression and personal development make people want to stay at Oceanwide.

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Oceanwide crew working

Oceanwide crew at work

Crew oceanwide offshore

Oceanwide crew development and training